Personal Storage

Cheap-Personal-Self-Storage-HampshireWherever your need for self-storage has arisen from we want to make storing your personal possessions as easy, cheap and hassle free as possible. That’s why we have secure 24/7 access, no deposit and a price guarantee.

You can store just about anything with us so why not give us a call on 0800 916 8705 to discuss your needs. Operated by Sentry Self Storage.

Why our customers store:

Moving house
Decluttering or clearing space in the garage or loft
Caravan and motorhome storage
 Trailer storage and boat storage
 Horsebox storage
Student storage to avoid having to take possessions home during terms
Enthusiastic collectors
Home renovation and decorating
Renting out your spare room
Storage for the Armed forces on long term deployment

If you’re not sure how much space you need check out our self storage Space Estimator.

You can store just about anything except flammable goods, explosives, perishable foodstuffs, or goods or material of a dangerous or illegal nature.

Check out our self storage Prices page for more information or call us on 0800 916 8705. Operated by Sentry Self Storage.

Want to know more? See our FAQs and self storage packing tips.